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Walks, days out, itineraries

Days on the hill, walks and activities are all tailor made to your schedule and interests. I can plan one day or a whole holiday for you. Here's just some inspiration...

Half a day or a whole day out on the hills, hiking, reaching a summit, learning about wildlife and the ways of life in the Highlands. We never go without a tasty picnic made with Scottish produce and Italian flair, sometimes we cook outdoors or get a talented chef to prepare a memorable feast.

During the summer months, I can take you on a slow walk in the Caledonian forest to find hidden treasures, golden chanterelles, meaty boletes, nutty hedgehog mushrooms, and brain looking cauliflower mushrooms. Our faithful guide is 'Mushrooms without fear' by Alexander Schwab. I only pick edibles and will happily share my knowledge and 'secret' spots...

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